Online trading platform MachineCompare entered the market in 2016 with a simple mission

Online trading platform

Machine Compare overview:

Online trading platform Machine Compare entered the market in 2016 with a simple mission. To change how the world trades industrial machinery, reducing failed machinery deals by pairing buyers and sellers across multiple sectors within a cloud-based environment.

With reverse IP tracking running throughout the platform, sellers are sent daily reports of interested prospects, giving them the tools and know-how to close deals more effectively, often shortening the sales cycle for high-end purchases from 12 months to eight weeks.

Since founding the business Co-founders Ben and Eric Findlay’s vision has remained crystal clear. To make the buying process easier and more accessible for end-to-end users by informing choice and inspiring action.

Three years later and it’s fair to say the business has successfully challenged the status quo, testament in how Machine Compare has penetrated the European and US market, with plans now to tackle the Asian market.

Currently, Machine Compare operates as a listing’s platform, however, by autumn 2020 users will be able to browse and purchase spare parts sold by multinational manufacturers down to small independents across multiple sectors via a new e-commerce platform.  An e-commerce marketplace for deadstock spare parts (unused, overstocked, or obsolete) which are currently located within multinationals.  So far we've found over €800m worth and should be ready for Beta Launch at the end of July with the planned wider launch towards the end of September all being well.

June 2020 saw Machine Compare recognised with a North West Most Exciting Company award by Insider Media thanks to the innovation and disruptive plans to shake up the market later this year.