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Online training: video conference and webinars

Corr-Ttag now provides online training in cooperation with Pro-Corr (Harre Medemblik) and SKW-Corrugating (Stefan Kluth Westphal).

Would it not be great to have, always, consistent quality board production with the lowest waste number and high efficiency on the Corrugator, Converting, and at your customers? This, together with energy-efficient production and a predictable output.

For good practice corrugated board production, the difficulty is to bring the Corrugated Process in Triangle balance between the Machine, the used Papers, and Starch formulation.  This Penrose Triangle is more than regular disturbing the corrugated production in many companies, creating waste, loss of output, and high energy consumption.

Hi, my name is Freerk van der Laan, but most of my customers, friends, and relatives call me Fred. I am the Owner of Corr-Ttag and a specialist in corrugated board production with experience in the paper and board industry of more than 25 years.

I am delivering consulting:  Training, Troubleshooting, Advice, and Guidance on a global scale, although my main area is Europe and America.

Besides, I am a dealer for chemicals in the corrugated industry for the Benelux (Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg) and The Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). These "Additives" are for Glue, Ink, and Water systems. Furthermore we can deliver measurement/advice support for Glue- & Print-ability.

As a member of a partnership with Harre Medemblik from the company Pro-Corr and Stefan Kluth-Westfall from the company SKW-Corrugating.

We, Pro-Corr, Corr-Ttag and SKW- Corrugating can lean on in total more than 60 years of experience in the Paper/Starch/Corrugated industry and from over a 1000 different corrugator plant visits worldwide

We can offer this in 5 languages: Dutch, English, German, Swedish and Spanish.

If you are a corrugated board producer, working or starting to work in this industry or a supplier in this industry, then we can deliver you support.

Our service and support is accurate, customized, and flexible wherever you are: on-site or through an internet portal. This Support/Service can be on-site or by video conference/webinars.

So call, e-mail or speak with us on a video conference to make further appointments.

E: freerk.vanderlaan@corr-ttag.com / T: +31 615296318 / www.corr-ttag.com.

E: harre.medemblik@pro-corr.com / T: +31 653998195 / www.pro-corr.com.

E: info@skw-corrugating.com / T: +49 151 25287419 / www.skw-corrugating.com