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Lay Flat, Stay Flat

Freerk van der Laan

My specialty is: paper knowledge/behavior at the corrugators and reactions afterward in the storage or at the converting machines. At BHS, I have specialized in Moisture / Warp Control Systems from BHS or in combination with systems from other suppliers. My interest focus on Product / Process Control, together with Good Practice. Before I joined the Paper and Board Industry, I have worked in other sectors.
Namely: the Fruit and Vegetables, Glass Fibers, and Pharmaceutics Industry, most of the time from a quality control/engineering point of view.

My motto is “Keep it simple/understandable,” and my mission is to let the industry recognize what is needed and influence to make the cardboard “Lay Flat, Stay FlatIn the end, it is the efficiency what matters, and WE all have issues with “LFSFNWMOQGLEC”

Lay Flat Stays Flat
No Waste
Max Output
Quality Guaranteed
Low Energy Consumption

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